Our Courses

Latté Art

This course is very popular because learning how to steam milk perfectly is extremely important to baristas.

Basic Training

Learn true Barista skills from experts in all things coffee.
A simple barista course that helps you get hands-on with all things espresso.

COVID Precautions

All courses are on a one to one basis and conscious of COVID-19 guidelines & precautions

Takes place in a dedicated coffee training in our flagship store in Waterford

Basic Coffee Training (Half Day)

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What you learn..

  • Understanding your espresso equipment
  • Espresso Techniques
  • Milk Chemistry & Milk texturing techniques
  • Intro to latte art designs
  • Drink menu in detail eg Latte, cappuccino, macchiato…
  • Understanding Café workflow
  • Machine cleaning


“I started from scratch on day 1 with no previous experience working on coffee machines. 9 hours later, with the help & guidance from Andrew, I was able to make all of the major coffee orders & add latte art to the beverages. I am so grateful for this experience & would highly recommend it to anyone interested to begin working in this field!”


” I really enjoyed the barista course and I am glad to have learned a very useful skill. The Hook and Ladder staff were really friendly and helpful. I am now confident that I’d be able to serve any customer any coffee order!”
Blaithin Larkin.